Reactive power compensation controller (HZ-75)

HZ-75 reactive power compensation controller is a new type of power distribution measurement and control equipment integratin

Reactive power compensation controller (HZ-75)(图1)

HZ-75 reactive power compensation controller is a new type of power distribution measurement and control equipment integrating data acquisition, reactive power compensation and power grid parameter is suitable for monitoring and reactive power compensation control of AC 0.4KV, 50Hz low voltage power distribution system.
The HZ-75 reactive power compensation controller is based on a high-speed digital signal processor, using AC sampling, the human-machine interface is a 128×64 dot matrix large-screen liquid crystal display, it has power distribution monitoring, reactive power compensation, harmonic analysis, adaptive frequency algorithm, and the input signal changes between 45Hz and 55Hz.

Conditions of Use

Air temperature: The air temperature is not higher than +65 ° C, not lower than -25 ° C.
Atmospheric conditions: The air humidity does not exceed 90% at 20 ° C. At lower temperatures, higher relative humidity is allowed.
Altitude: no more than 2,500 meters.
Environmental conditions: There is no danger of burning and explosion in the surrounding medium, no corrosive gas, no conductive dust, erosion by Egyptian rain and snow, and the installation site cannot be violently vibrated.

Technical data Installation and testing

Reactive power compensation controller (HZ-75)(图2)

Open box to check Safe operation warning

Installation size
Dimensions: 144×144×95mm Opening size: 138×138mm Embedding depth: 110mm

  Wiring instructions
When considering the installation plan, it should follow the principle of easy installation, convenient observation and acquisition, and favorable to the signal, power supply and grounding.
7.3.1 Working power supply
The working power of the machine is multiplexed with the A-phase voltage sampling channel, AC220V±20%.
7.3.2 Voltage signal line
The voltage signal line also serves as the power input of the machine. 1.5mm2 single-strand copper wire should be used, and it should be kept away from high-voltage electricity and large current carrier as much as possible to reduce electromagnetic influence.
7.3.3 Current signal line
In order not to affect the measurement accuracy, the current signal line should use 2.5mm2 single-strand copper wire, and the wire should be as short as possible.
7.3.4 Contact / Switch Output
The contact output capacity is 5A/AC220V, and the level output capacity is DC12V/40mA. When connecting, try to stay away from the input loop, high voltage, and high current carrier.

Open box to check
Open the outer packaging and check that the controller is in good condition and that the accessories and instructions are complete. If the controller casing is damaged or the accessories and instructions are not complete, please contact the supplier in time.

Safe operation warning
1. The unit should be carefully checked for reliable grounding before powering on the unit;
2. Only professional technicians who are familiar with the operation manual of the machine are allowed to install, operate or repair the machine;
3. The installation of this machine must comply with all relevant safety regulations. The correct wiring and wire size must be used to ensure the safety of the operation and the reliability of the operation and the accuracy of the measurement.
4. Power input, CT secondary side, will produce high voltage that endangers personal safety, should be careful in operation, strictly abide by the safe operation rules of electricity.
5. When overhauling, installing and replacing the unit, it must be ensured that the power supply is disconnected and the secondary circuit of the CT is short-circuited.
6. When charging and setting data, do not touch the live part under any circumstances.