Anti-harmonic smart capacitor (HZ-82J)

HZ-82J series anti-harmonic smart capacitor is based on one (△ type or (Y type) voltagepower capacitor as the main body adopt

Anti-harmonic smart capacitor (HZ-82J)(图1)

HZ-82J series anti-harmonic smart capacitor is based on one (△ type or (Y type) voltage
power capacitor as the main body adopts microelectronics hardware and software technology. Latest technological achievements such as micro-sensor technology, micro- network technology and electrical manufacturing technology, it is intelligent, realizes low-voltage reactive power compensation function and enables it to work reliably, making it convenient for zero-cutting, protection, measurement, signal, online and other functions, it is a major breakthrough in low voltage reactive power automatic compensation filtering technology, mainly used for reactive power compensation in places where harmonics are very serious, it can operate reliably, does not produce no- vibration, has no amplification effect on harmonics, and has the function of absorbing and eliminating harmonics to a certain extent. The product in which the 7% reactor is connected in series is used in an electrical environment with a main harmonic of 5 times, the series-connected 14% reactor is used in an electrical environment with 3 harmonics.

The products are mainly used in chemical, building materials, paper selection, textile, coal, power telecommunications, aluminum, shipping ports, tobacco, brewing, and automobile manufacturing, industrial fields such as precision electronics and precision machinery. At the same time, it can also be applied to the power supply system of the communication industry, the securities trading power supply system, and the airport port backup power system. Large-scale medical systems, various types of UPS generator sets, exhibition venues, commercial office buildings and other commercial power systems.

Wiring schematic
Smart component
All electronic components in smart components are available in wide temperature and industrial grades.ability to adapt to large temperature changes, a harsh environment with severe electromagnetic interference, it can work reliably for a long time without interruption.
Zero-crossing switching synchronous switch technology based on mechanical contacts
The company summarized the characteristics and drawbacks of mechanical contactors, non-contact thyristors and composite switches, combined with years of development and practical experience, independently developed a new generation, using microelectronics hardware and software technology to effectively control the mechanical electromagnetic relay contacts: realizing zero-switching and low-voltage power capacitor synchronous switching technology based on mechanical contacts; close when the AC voltage at the two ends of the contact is zero, when the contact is closed, the two-terminal AC current is turned off when it is zero. Avoid the impact of the inrush current generated when the capacitor is applied on the system voltage. Reduce equipment wear and increase capacitor life.
Dry series reactor
The dry series reactor in the product uses high magnetic routes imported materials, light weight, small size, low power consumption, low temperature rise and low noise, a thermal relay that monitors its temperature is placed inside to signal when the set temperature is exceeded.
Micro current sampling transformer
The current sampling of the capacitor adopts the micro-transformer with permalloy as the core, which has high linearity, good frequency characteristics and small phase difference, ensuring the accuracy and stability of current and current type protection.
Fast circuit breaker
The quick circuit breaker uses a molded case circuit breaker, disconnected within 100ms at 10 times rated current, it is used for current speed cutting total protection, avoiding jumping the upper level switch, and also serving as the power supply access terminal and the power main switch.

Anti-harmonic smart capacitor (HZ-82J)(图2)

Main functions and features of the product
Main function of the product
Harmonic suppression function: Effective suppression of higher harmonics and inrush current rejection harmonics are entered into the capacitor device. It can eliminate the influence of higher harmonics on the capacitor, protect the circuit and capacitor overload, prevent the capacitor from overheating, the aging of the insulating medium, the self-healing performance is degraded, and the service life is reduced. Synchronous switching function: dynamic tracking can be realized with fast response time with dedicated controller, and it is accurately switched when the current voltage is zero, which is less affected by harmonics.
Split phase compensation function: Split phase compensation type product, each phase capacitor can be switched separately to improve the accuracy of reactive power compensation, so that the three-phase reactive power imbalance is well compensated.
Measurement function: distribution voltage, current, reactive power, power factor measurement, CT phase and ratio automatic measurement, calibration; three-phase current and internal temperature measurement of each capacitor.
Protection function: loop current speed cut, over current protection; capacitor overvoltage and undervoltage protection; capacitor overtemperature, phase failure, three-phase unbalance protection, when the capacitor temperature exceeds 65 degrees, the capacitor is returned to the whole machine to improve the service life and ensure the safe operation of the system.
Signal function: capacitor switching state, over-under-compensation state, over-under-voltage state signal; protection action type, self- diagnosis fault type signal.
Communication function: RS-485 communication connection between capacitor and controller, it is convenient for large-scale sampling data uploading and information exchange with peripheral monitoring terminals to form system work.
Intelligent network control: It can automatically detect and track the change of reactive power of the system and automatically switch thecapacitor bank.
Capacitors with the same capacity are subject to the principle of cyclic switching, and capacitors with different capacities are switched according to the principle of suitable compensation. Capacitors with the same capacity are subject to the principle of cyclic switching, and capacitors with different capacities are switched according to the principle of suitable compensation. Capacitors should be cast first, first and first; capacitor operating temperature is low first, and high temperature is first; when the compensation condition is constant, the capacitor is cycled every time period to avoid a single capacitor being put into operation for a long time.
Fault self-diagnosis function: The capacitor intelligent control component can self-diagnose the phase operation parameters of the body. Once the self-test fault occurs, the whole machine responds quickly and exits the operation.
Main features of the product
High quality industrial low voltage filter power capacitors with high safety;
Adopt synchronous switch technology, advanced technology, stable and reliable performance;
Closed-loop circuit, magnetic circuit is not saturated, no energy consumption, no electromagnetic radiation;
Using special technology and technology, it can effectively suppress high harmonics and inrush current, and suppress the harmonic effects of 3~13 times or more;
Modular structure, flexible combination, convenient expansion, simple installation, and maintenance;
Intelligent network, 485 communication interface can be connected to the background computer for integrated management of power distribution;
Adopt decentralized control mode, 1 million times of trouble-free switching, high reliability;
The interface is displayed in Chinese, which is easy to operate and easy to maintain, which is conducive to on-site fault finding; Internal SH explosion-proof device and temperature control device to improve the operation reliability under severe harmonics; The energy saving effect is remarkable, effectively improving the power factor, reducing the power consumption, and improving the power quality.

Anti-harmonic smart capacitor (HZ-82J)(图3)

Anti-harmonic smart capacitor (HZ-82J)(图4)

Anti-harmonic smart capacitor (HZ-82J)(图5)

Anti-harmonic smart capacitor (HZ-82J)(图6)